At Divorce in Kindness, we believe in and are committed to the following goals:

Kind and Compassionate Service
To provide you with personal, caring, responsive and convenient service throughout your mediation process. We encourage openness and honesty. We believe in treating everyone with respect.

Ease your Stress
To create a respectful, solutions-based divorce process without fighting that reduces the tension and trauma instead of a "divorce battle" that hurts families. Our method promotes communication and cooperation.

To help you avoid the high costs and unpredictability of ongoing legal fees associated with litigation.

Informed Decision-making
To provide an informed and problem solving framework by facilitating honesty and information sharing throughout the process.

Client in Control
To keep you in control of the outcome of your divorce or co-parenting arrangement rather than having a judge decide your future for you and what is best for your children. In mediation, you can be as creative as you wish to be. Only you know the specifics of your lives, what works for you and what does not.

To guide parents to work as a team, and behave in a way that establishes the well-being of the children as the number one priority. Solutions are crafted around what's best for the children and on maintaining meaningful and lasting relationships with both parents in order to minimize the impact on the children.

To help spouses reach fair, thoughtful, personalized agreements that meet everyone's needs so that there are no losers.

Efficient Process and Lasting Agreement
To guide you through mediation so that it is an efficient and positive process while considering all divorce issues and options so that your agreements are clear, comprehensive, and lasting.

We believe that divorce and parenting issues can be resolved peacefully in mediation, without escalation of conflict in court. If there is a willingness to participate in mediation, there is an extremely high probability of full settlement.

Privacy and Confidentiality
What happens in mediation, stays in mediation. Our mediation process is private and confidential.

"The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new."


Ms. Reboredo is a very experienced professional who works very well with her clients... From initial meetings/case reviews, to completion of the case/work Ms. Reboredo takes the time to walk her clients thorugh every step, explaining alternatives and suggestions. Her very successful practice is based on the simple concepts of "client first" I strongly reccommend Ms. Reboredo as a seasoned Law Professional here in South Florida.

Juan L Gutierrez

This attorney is compassionate, at the same time very knowledgeable, and fights for her clients to the maximum for their rights and best interest to be met. Mrs. Lizzette Reboredo has a very rare combination of attributes to find in a lawyer. I can say who ever has her on her side is fortunate and I would have highly recommended to my friends in need.


I could not have asked for a better family attorney. She kept us well informed, stayed on top of my case, kept me involved in the process, and got results within a reasonable time period. She was reasonable with her fees and gave my family affordable representation and the results we needed.


Lizette assisted me with a prenuptial agreement. She was detailed and on point. Great attorney & person. Made it easy and comfortable at all times. Loved the way she worked and end result. Definitely will keep on using her and would recommend to my business associates.


Lizette represented me in my divorce. She is smart and compassionate, in a time you need both attributes. I always felt informed of the next step and was available to answer all my questions. I absolutely recommend her legal services.


Lizette is a wonderful mediator and attorney. She assisted me in my amicable divorce and was crucial in making a difficult situation more manageable. She is professional, empathetic, fair and able to communicate legal matters in the best interest of the children, in a fair and judgment free way. I highly recommend her.

Soraya Melegi-Diaz

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