divorce mediation coral gables miami fl

When most people think of divorce, they often think of bitter courtroom dramas that destroy your family and your bank account. Court battles tend to increase anger and perpetuate power struggles. Litigation is also very expensive-both financially and emotionally.

The escalation of conflict typically involved in litigation will cause tension and damage to your children that may last for generations. It's rare for parents to be able to work well as co-parents following a bitter court battle, and their children inevitably pay the highest price.

That does not need to be your divorce experience. You can choose mediation. It is healthier, less stressful, and typically more efficient for everyone involved, especially children, when all issues are settled outside the courtroom. Our mediation method insulates the children from the divorce proceeding in order to minimize the impact of the divorce on them.
If you want to relieve the stress and anxiety of your divorce, partner with a divorce mediator in Miami & West Palm Beach, FL. Divorce in Kindness is committed to offering you the best opportunity for an amicable settlement. Divorce mediation is an effective way to reach a divorce agreement through problem solving rather than fighting it out in the courtroom. When you and your spouse are able to come to an agreement with a certified family mediator, you'll save time and money while avoiding emotional hardship.

It's essential to hire a divorce mediator who is skilled, experienced and compassionate. When you turn to Divorce in Kindness, Lizette Reboredo will listen to your concerns, answer your questions and help you resolve your family issues peacefully. This strategy will also set you up for co-parenting success following your divorce. We offer a complimentary consultation for couples to discuss your needs, answer your questions and ensure that our servies are right for you. Call us today.