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Wondering How Mediation Can Help?

Find the best path towards a resolution in Miami & West Palm Beach, FL

Divorce mediation is an out-of-court, amicable settlement option. Two people seeking a divorce will voluntarily come into the office to sit with a certified family mediator and go through every aspect of their situation. No courtroom pressure, no competing attorneys.

Divorce in Kindness offers you the expertise of an experienced divorce mediator to discuss, negotiate and prepare your divorce agreement in Miami & West Palm Beach, FL. Lizette will sit down with both of you to find the best possible solution for yourselves, your children and your family.

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Why should you choose divorce mediation?

Lizette started Divorce in Kindness to serve families during difficult times. You'll receive professional guidance from the start to help address every issue, including property division, child support, spousal maintenance and child custody. You should choose divorce mediation because:

  • Both parties are in control of the outcome
  • It comes with less emotional conflict
  • It saves you time and money
  • There are no legal fees, unless you choose to have legal representation
  • It's more beneficial to your children

Receive personalized support while making the best decisions for your family. Contact Lizette today to schedule a consultation with a certified family mediator.

Lizette provides support and resources to assist both parties in reach fair resolutions. When she leads your divorce mediation, you can expect that she'll:

  • Give you personal attention every step of the way
  • Assist you and your spouse in reaching an amicable agreement
  • Draft the final mediated agreement based on the terms of your agreement
  • Prepare the uncontested divorce documents

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